• Electronex Show

    Heads up for Aussies. I’ll be at the Electronex show in Melbourne this Wednesday.
    If you see me, stop and say HI.
    I’m the stupid looking guy carrying around the camera gear, hard to miss.

    In fact, the first person to track me down at the show and shout out the password “Great Scott!” wins a free IDEAL True RMS Multimeter (slightly “reviewed”)!


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      • Classic Dave but I love it! Hope to see you there 🙂

      • Multivac

        Great Scott! why don’t i live in Australia?!

      • Brb, flying to Australia for a free multimeter.

      • Patrick

        If only I was an aussie… /cryface

      • David

        I was robbed! Multimeter gone before even reaching the front door! Ah well, was good to meet you Dave.

        • firewalker


        • You gotta be quick!

      • Hi Dave, saw you down there but was busy talking with one of the suppliers. Good to see you promoting the industry. Well done mate. Next time I see you I will say g’day. Cheers, Scott

      • Josef

        Nooooooo!! I was registered for the expo but couldn’t make it (had a vhdl assignment to do for uni). Guess i’ll try again next year hey…

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