EEVblog #203 – Melbourne Hacker Space Visit

Dave visits the Melbourne Hacker Space (CCHS) and takes along special guest Colin Mitchell from Talking Electronics fame.

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    • Felix

      Nice one. But Dave .. really .. now that you’ve gone pro you should invest in a camera that can actually focus on small stuff and close-ups .. 🙂

      • What closeup part wasn’t clear?
        I have a new top-of-the-line $1600 Canon HF G10
        Unfortunately it can’t be excellent at everything, and isn’t the best at the ultra macro end.
        Sometimes it ain’t the camera though, it’s the hectic live nature of such shoots. You can’t set everything up with good lights, and play with the shot until you get it right etc, replay to check you got the result you wanted, ask the person you show you something 3 times so you can get the shot just right etc.
        You get what you get.

    • David

      Jonathan Oxer was the first to do it in Australia, and I remember Joe talking about Jonathan’s experience as being something that pushed him forwards. Pretty cool idea but I don’t think I’d want to do it myself xD

      Implant Vid:

    • pelrun from HSBNE

      Great to see our southern brethren flourishing! Although they did nick that laser cutter out from under our noses… (it was from qld, it should have been ours! :D)

    • thanks Dave for this video

    • Ian

      Really appreciated the closeup of the Makerbot 3D printer.

      It would be great to see a comparison between the outputs of several RepRaps, makerbots in a row, to see which ones can achieve a finer resolution.

      Something hard to find on YouTube.

    • Qno

      Hi Dave,

      Try a sheet of white paper behind the object you try to film close up.
      The autofocus looks for high frequencies in the picture and finds it in the background. So it will not focus in the front.
      Maybe the camera can be set to spot focus. Try a small field in the middle.

      • Yes, it can do all that of course. But in a complex environment like this, moving around a poorly lit garage just randomly shooting people and things that come up as a conversation progresses, you don’t really have the luxury to do that.
        If I set it to spot focus then I could easily screw up the entire scenes focus, because I’m not looking at the LCD I’m looking at the person I’m talking to whilst trying to hold the camera at the same time.
        This is not a studio, I can’t really set up the tripod, and then tell the person to stop and start their explanation of things whilst I change the camera position and manually adjust the focus and exposure etc.
        So the best you can do in these situations is to put it on auto everything and hope you capture good enough stuff.

        • pete

          Sounds like its time to find an assistant. How is little Sagan’s hand-eye coordination coming along?

    • Felix

      Hey Dave,
      I take that back, your camera is really nice, but I’m really surprised a majority of the close-ups in the video are not in focus and it doesn’t look like it’s trying. Maybe it’s just the poor lighting, or maybe there are settings buried in the menus to fine tune the focus? I’m more into DSLRs than dedicated camcorders, however I’m more used to Sony cameras which seem to always focus neatly and fast in low light, probably using priority focus points by default.

      • Sorry, I don’t really see a real problem.
        The camera was on auto focus the whole time, and it was hand held in poor light with a complex environment, so I think you might be expecting too much in such a situation?
        I didn’t have time to set the thing up for manual focus and tweak it etc.
        I think the footage turned out quite good given the circumstances, I am not seeing the focus problems you are seeing?

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