Electronics Doco Update with Karl von Moller

Dave caught up with Karl von Moller at the Electronex expo in Melbourne and asked him about the progress on his Australian documentary State of Electronics.

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    • Tony

      What’s the name of the Melbourne surplus store mentioned? It sounds something like “Rockabee’s” but I can find anything online.

    • vk6hdx

      Hi Tony,

      I believe its Rockby Electronics in Clayton. http://www.rockby.com.au

    • Moe

      Hey whats Doco?

    • Raff

      I for one am looking forward to seeingt the Doco for sure!

    • Zizzle

      Is there a kickstarter for this doco?

    • Den tjocke konsulten

      I really liked the trailer and would happily pay $10 in advance to watch the completed documentary online.

      Does von Moller accept donations to help out with the funding?

      • Karl is overseas at the moment with hardly any internet, so response may take some time.
        I’m not aware of him taking donations as yet, but I think it would be a great idea, as would a Kickstarter-like thing (Australian’s can’t use KickStarter, but there is an Oz equivalent) were people could pay to watch the doco early, and/or pay a bit more to get a DVD version of it.

    • gunther

      Dave please get second mike on an recorder or so for yourself that you then can mix in

      amd yes kickstart / indiegogo this

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