• EEVblog #207 – Rohde & Schwarz / Hameg Oscilloscopes (3 of 3)

    Dave caught up with Richard Popple from Rohde & Schwarz to talk about the new Hameg oscilloscopes, the Hameg acquisition, and the Rohde & Schwarz Scope of the Art oscilloscopes.

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      • Gurgalof

        Windows on a scope, and takes 5 minutes to boot.

        /me does not want…

      • ac

        3 – 5 minutes? You can’t possibly blame that on Windows. Full 7 takes 30 seconds to boot (spinning 1TB HDD) and this embedded should be less since it’s probably 1/10 the footprint.

        To me it sounds like they must’ve skimped somewhere, use some very slow flash memory with poor cache controller.

        Just today I read that PC SSD are slower than spinning HDD’s in random read/write. Why? Well OEM’s bought the cheapest crap to notebooks they could get from sandisk. And as everyone knows, flash memory IS slow (try use cheap usb sticks as a system drive). They need intelligent controller and caching to have decent perf.

        On the upside, Windows 8 is bringing some improvements that may also speed up future embedded Windows versions. The first boot will be slow but subsequently they will hibernate the kernel and driver state, so it’s bit like sleep for the kernel and cold start for user mode stuff. I don’t see why this approach couldn’t be used to speed up embedded as well for boots that don’t involve firmware upgrade.

      • I use an HMO scope and I like it very much. It has the best thing I have ever seen in a scope – beep on a trigger. No need to stare at the screen and be afraid to blink:)

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