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    EEVblog #1054 – How an Analog PC Joystick Works

    How does a PC read an old school analog joystick? It might be more interesting ...

    • I love the Etch-a-Sketch waveform editor feature at 8 minutes into the video 🙂

      • Actually, there is a real Etch-a-Sketch easter egg in the new firmware.
        Same place as the easter egg for the developers names, but the 5th button 4 times instead of the 6th button.

        • Stephen

          So do you have to hold it upside-down and shake it to reset the waveform?

    • Wonko The Sane

      So it’s not a scope, but one of the most expensive Etch-a-Sketch I’ve seen… 😉

    • N.Kouwes

      I hope that Agilent got a licence for it from JFS electronics. (Makers of the most expensive Etch-a-Sketch, that also happens to be a radar 😛 )

    • Nick

      Quite interresting, now the signal generator feature is worth paying for. I like the Etch-A-Sketch feature. Thumbs up for the new functionality Agilent.

    • NYAL

      Do u know if 2000 series will get the awg generator?

    • I don’t think the Arb-Gen will hurt agelint’s wave gen group.

      But now I think it may serve to hurt their competition because if you only need a 20mhz arb-gen this is better than a chinese clone for the money and because it is built in it’s always there when you need it. I kile it too.

      I ordered a MSOX4034A yesterday and cannot wait for it to get here NICE JOB AGILENT !!!!

      you too Dave 🙂

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