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  • EEVblog #210 – Krohn-Hite DC Voltage Standard Teardown & Calibration

    Posted on October 24th, 2011 EEVblog 10 comments

    A Krohn-Hite MV106J DC Voltage Standard calibrator landed on Dave’s bench. What’s inside? How does it work? Is it still within spec?, and what’s all this (lack of) Kelvin-Varley and LM299 zener reference stuff anyhow?
    And no adventure in calibration check is complete without a visit to the TrioSmartCal lab.

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    • Wonko The Sane

      I like the lack of strain relief on the mains lead… (Just a Knot on a hole in a metal panel !) – Very Very Old School… 8-|

      • frankly frank

        Sorry to disappoint but there’s a strain relief grommet on the back panel.

    • Colonel Shofer

      Love the videos, TY.

      Always educational and knowledgeable, and sometimes give me a laugh too … win !!!

      Keep it up !!!


    • Colonel Shofer

      BTW, what was the big, black, cylinder?


    • Wartex
    • http://none Allan

      Thank you for taking time to show the advantage of the Kelvin-Varley voltage divider cct. over the Kelvin voltage divider cct. I very much enjoyed that.

      Congratulations on getting yourself such a good deal!

    • f4eru

      I think i does not hold the spec, in which the temperature coeffs are only the ones from the diode. what about the temp drifts of the current source, the resistors…

      Test it in temperature against your HP @room temp !

      • Maxthon Chan

        Transistors and resistors can be carefully selected to cancel the temp co’s out in circuit design.

    • CRM114

      New Balance, FootJoy, and Sam Adams are all made in the Boston area :)

    • Ernie

      Thanks David,
      I like your review so much I even purchased one just like it on ebay today. Hope my works as well as yours :-)
      Oh yea, I also purchased the Rigol DS1052E O-scope after I saw that review…