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    Dave is moving into a HUGE new lab! What should he do with all this ...

    • Zizzle

      So much for Aussie modesty.

      Your DSO shows your own image… the height of vanity?

    • Raff

      Cool! I like it!

    • dmm

      That’s cool. How did you do that?

      • Eric

        Just venturing a guess, but it looks like he replaced the hex string for the Rigol splash image with that one in a hex editor and saved it.

      • It’s modified firmware with a replaced boot image. I didn’t do it though, someone on the forum did, I’m not sure how. Probably just figured out where the bitmap start/end points are and replaced the hex values.

    • Frank

      I’d send it back.

    • peet

      now hack the logic analyzer in !!

      • Kart (not that Karl, the other Karl)

        There is no logic analyser in it.

    • hahahahah… 😀 yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh… that’s the attitude daveee… 🙂

    • peet

      the thing is coming to roll!
      check this out!

      sure you love it! can you promote it in any way?

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