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    • Software_Samurai

      So just cleaning it didn’t fix it?

      Sometimes I swear that computers act up just because they want me to take them apart, clean them, and put them back together again.

      • Nope, afraid not. Troubleshooting time…

    • f4eru

      seems the time base could be corrupt/shutdown some time after trigger…. Perhaps you should also have a look under the PLL can.

    • Tony

      Few years ago I bought myself a 4-channel 200 MHz LeCroy WaveJet. Before that I had never even heard of LeCroy.
      It, too, has damn loud fan, but aside that I’m really happy with it. Lot more sample memory than similarly priced Teks (c’mon now Tektronics, 16k sample memory? This is 2010s now, not early 90s …) and it actually turns on immediately – no damn long waits like with Agilent scopes.
      Also, nowadays all scopes seem to have practically same basic controls so no learning when switching anymore 🙂

      (disclaimer; I haven’t checked actual specs lately, Tek might actually have improved since then…)

    • PeteV

      Hi Dave!

      Is the Rigol DS1052E still the king of the budget scopes? What do you think of this:



    • Colin

      Hi Dave, I bought a LeCroy 9310M (50 k/ch) dual channel DSO about 9 years ago. Its maths processing, FFT and averaging run rings around anything of that era, and still looks good today. When it comes to design work, when you don’t know what you will have to deal with tomorrow, there’s nothing better. LeCroy are the Ferrari of scopes. Now, you get to see the dark side though, with fault finding all those custom chips, that’s not easy. The power supply has a custom thick film controller that I can’t get (grumbles about vendor lock in). I’m not sure your complaint about the knobs is fair though, if you put knobs for each channel, the panel would be too crowded. It’s like sitting in a helicopter and saying it has too many controls. It’s just the nature of complex equipment. I believe in simplifying, but not when it reduces utility. DSOs are a complex tool and I’m not sure you can make it much simpler while keeping it useful. All the earlier 93XX scopes were made in Switzerland, and were nicely made. When they moved manufacturing back to the US, I think the bodges increased. Good luck with it, if you want to swap LeCroy stories, get in touch. I worked for the Aussie importer for a few years doing repairs and *sales*, it was an interesting job. Cheers, Colin

    • William

      If you don’t mind me asking, how much did you pay for it?

    • Raff

      Hi Dave,

      My bet is that the PSU has some caps in it with high ESR. Do you have one of those neat EA / Silcon Chip ESR meters Dave? Mine has saved my sanity many times over, damn cappies!

    • Hi Dave,

      Do you have anything showing what was done after the EEVblog #217 – Lecroy 9384C Oscilloscope Teardown? My 9354AL Lecroy has not arrived, but I know I need to replace some rotary shaft encoders and knobs, any ideas where to look for parts?

      Thank you for all your great videos.


      • No follow-up video, sorry.

    • Russ

      I hope you do an indepth troubleshooting on this scope. It is rare to see someone do troubleshooting on something so complex. To see someone troubleshoot this with the experience and knowlege that you have would really inlighten us on how this type of thing should really be done.

    • michal

      Hi Dave, there is active LeCroy user group on yahoo groups. Nice people and plenty of useful information….

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    • Sam Reaves


      Perhaps I can help you with that scope. I have several of the 9300 series myself. They are still great scopes. Use mine all the time.

      You can find the complete service manual at:


      I would lookd really hard at the caps.

      I would also look on the Yahoo! group site for the “Tips and Tricks” document that will show you how to get to the maintenance menu.

      Moderator of the Yahoo! LeCroy_Owners_Group
      An independant LeCroy group.

    • Sam Reaves

      The unused cable with the white connector coming from the power supply is for the optional thermal printer that mounts in the top of the case.

      Also don’t run this scope with the top cover off of it unless you put a fan to circulate air around the main acquisition PCB. You will overheat the custom, pure unobtainium IC’s!


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