• EEVblog #223 – Agilent Oscilloscope High Res Mode

    Dave demonstrates a little trap with the “High Resolution” mode on modern digital oscilloscopes like the Agilent 3000X series.

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      • Sam Reaves

        Hi Dave,

        And you are correct, you have to be aware of what the high-res function does. LeCroy has had this feature on their DSO’s since the 1990’s ( maybe even the late 80’s), they called it E-RES for Enhanced-Resolution and it was a pay for firmware option.

        They had three distinct advantages over their competitors on this feature:

        1. They had it first, like many other firsts in DSO’s.
        2. Their E-RES mode could be set for 0.5,1,2 or 3 bits of E-RES.
        3. They show you right on the screen what the Nyquist bandwidth penalty is for a given E-RES bit enhancement value, a timebase setting and a sample memory depth setting (which unlike most DSO’s)that is adjustable to fit the type of measurement you are making.

        Moderator, Independent LeCroy_Owners_Group

        P.S. did you ever get that 9300 series scope working?

        Best regards and keep up the teardowns.

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