• Mini Maker Faire Melbourne!

    Yes, that’s right, there is now a Maker Faire in Australia!
    Saturday 14th January 2012 at Swinburne University of Technology in Hawthorn, Victoria.
    Sign up now and get your FREE tickets. Yes, it’s free, but you do have to register for logistical reasons.
    Or better yet, show of your own stuff, or give a talk or conduct a workshop.
    Either way, come along and help make this a HUGE event!


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      • I’m sure 2 out of 6 australians that read your blog are very excited.

      • Problemchild

        Well in the UK we seem to manage at least 1 a year which is well attended. Thats with 60+ mil population in a small country, obviously in Australia that’s 22 mil’ in a supa size area. Melbourne is a big city I’m sure with local hackerspaces etc coming round they will do fine. I hope so because it opens up scope for more over here in the UK 😉

        BTW what on earth are NANA-Techies???????

      • Wilfred

        Nice work Dave. I might not have known about this without the EEVBlog. You’re becoming a valuable community service.

        It’s only a 10min walk away so I think I ought to go.


      • hi ProblemChild,

        One of our goals was to reach the broad Maker/Craft community, not just the hard-core HackerSpace electronics types. So, the core organisers have included people who have introduced terms like “Nanna Tech” which is described here … http://www.abc.net.au/environment/articles/2010/07/06/2945803.htm

        Being the first Australian MakerFaire and given that the Melbourne HackerSpace has typically flown under the radar, we weren’t certain exactly how large this event would become. Balancing the number of exhibits, attendees and volunteers helping out has been the challenge. Fortunately, Swinburne University are great hosts and have an excellent environment for the event. Looks like it is all coming together nicely.

        Two days later, we’re involved with the Arduino mini-conference at the Linux Conference in Ballarat. And, moving into a new HackerSpace as well. So, it’s been pretty busy over the Christmas / New Year break.

        That weekend, there is also a Drupal conference and the AdaInitiative, so lots going on in Melbourne, all at once !

        cheers andyg (@geekscape)

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