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    • wardenclyffe

      Are they already sold out again? I checked the shop and saw the familiar red failure button. Please tell me I haven’t missed my chance!

      • Yes, sorry, they are sold out again overnight. I have ordered another batch, and have some more I need to finish and make available.

    • Dale B

      They are sold out for me as well.

    • Urb Anwriter

      just assume they’re always sold out and don’t bother checking, it is a waste of time, because they’re always sold out

    • mrgne

      I would love it if Dave would just sell the PCB by itself. I don’t mind sourcing the parts and assembling it myself.

      • Yaputya

        Almost all PCBs for Silicon Chip projects used to be available from RCS Radio, but due to the sad demise of Bob Barnes things have changed.

        You would think Silicon Chip could supply PCBs for any projects they publish but they often ‘deal with the devil’ and publish exclusive projects where the original designer(s) refuse to allow SC to make the PCB pattern freely available.

        Hopefully David has made the PCB freely available, unlike many SC projects for Jaycar and Oatley Electronics etc.

        So, contact SC and request the uCurrent PCB:
        [email protected]

    • Jerry

      Says sold out for me too.
      Guess have to wait until next time!

    • John

      You should start a kit business. You would make a ton of money!

      And, you could make design videos for every project and then sell the pcb/complete unit.

      That would help pay for the new lab!

    • Warren
      We can make single side board from EA and SC I have most of all list PCB from Bob Barnes and I new him very well just go on our web site http://www.commodore64collection.com

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