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  • EEVblog #229 – IET DE-5000 LCR Meter Teardown

    Posted on December 31st, 2011 EEVblog 6 comments

    What’s inside IET Labs new DE-5000 handheld LCR meter?

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    • huh

      I have an Atlas LCR meter which, although playing in a whole different league, does its job nicely. I’d love a review by you on small and cheaper instruments like these ones.
      Here’s their manufacturer website.

    • iva

      Looking forward to the review Dave, what model is the Agilent you’ll be comparing to?

      …and happy new year, you’re in 2012 already down there!

    • Lai CH

      Hi Dave,

      Very likely powered by this:

      Check the datasheet here:

      The specs & features are almost identical.

    • Comox


      The new lab looks great!

    • Wonko The Sane

      I know how you like the Warranty Void if broken labels…

    • sheryl andrews

      Nice video. I am not very well oriented with the function of that LCR but I saw one of that at my friend’s house. She uses that when she tested one gadget.