• EEVblog #231 – 2011

    2011 was a big year for the blog…
    Sorry for the crap video quality, Youtube screwed up the video stabilisation feature and I can’t revert back!

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      • Moe

        Happy new year!!!!

      • Icke

        Happy new year!!!
        Whats happening with the background? Is this the result of some steadicam filter? And it even changed the ending credits?

        • I experimented with the Youtube anti-shake filter, and now it won’t let me revert back to my original video – Grrr!

      • Happy New Year Dave !!!
        Just wanted to drop a THANK YOU note !
        Dave, I really enjoyed your videos in 2011 and I am looking forward to see more interesting stuff in 2012 !!! Your work on the blog is fantastic and much appreciated by many viewers worldwide. Also big thanks to your wife for her support and understanding !

      • Joe

        Thanks for the last year Episodes. I’m looking forward for a great year to come.
        I really like your style and the topics which you rant about :-).
        Good look to you, your Family and your Business!

      • Ondre

        Hi Dave,

        happy new year and my best wishes to you and your family!

        You’re doing a great job with your videos. I’m already looking forward to the next ones.


      • mike

        Great year, and the new one will be as well, I’m sure. I’d like to see a tour of a local repair shop, and maybe you sitting down at the bench and giving it a go. May only be a microwave but it is electronics. I love that sort of thing and I’m sure you’d be great at it. Simulators, test jigs whatever they call them today. I wanna see some of those as well, I’m sure it’s a big part of the design process. I’m a repair guy so we often build them to isolate faults and make sure the item is safe.


      • mathk

        Happy New Year (To all baby included 😉 ) !
        May I suggest you some subject for a next episode?
        – How to troubleshoot a UART port. (On a Atmega or whatever microC)
        – May be exploring some PLL solution base (Just an idea, it is maybe be silly I don’t know)
        – More tips and tricks about the AduiCopter/ArduiPilot 😀
        – More praticale webcast so that we can do it at home (like the power supply series, that was awesome).

        Thanks, keep it up, that an amazing blog

        • David

          The power supply series is awesome more stuff like that!

        • I’d love to see more stuff about the ArduCopter/ArduPilot too! 🙂 Cheers to everything good in 2011!

      • Hi Dave. Enjoyed your video blog. I like your style and the way you put your blog together. Gave me lots of ideas. Have a great new year! George

      • Agent24

        Good luck with the blog in 2012!

        You keep the videos coming, I’ll keep on watching them 😉

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