• EEVblog #233 – Lab Power Supply Design Part 6 – LT3080 Testing

    What about reverse bias protection on the LT3080, does the design need it? Dave does a quick test to find out what happens. Will it smoke?

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      • http://www.test-ipv6.co.uk/ Simon Iremonger

        If you look at the voltage drops, etc. it would suggest that your LT3080 simply contains that reverse Diode integrated into it…
        Notice the 0.6v drop from ‘output pin’ to ‘input pin’…
        Hence, the heavy current when you just feed power through it the other way, etc.

      • manlups

        Magic smoke has escaped, joy, joy.

      • DrRuss

        I’m not shure if this is intended or not, but on the homepage of this site you are not showing the newest episodes. For example today only episode 233 is visible on the homepage, while under episode list its already episode 236.

        I absolutely love your show. Keep on going!

      • http://www.torpeymalpensado.com.ar/ Guille

        Hi. This is probably a foolish suggestion but, since you are controlling the feedback loop at the output, wouldn’t a series diode (1N4003, etc.) right on the ouput pin of the LT3080 be enough protection? Would the diode adversely affect the voltage regulation?

        Thank you for your EXCELLENT blog.