• EEVblog #234 – Agilent U1733C LCR Meter Teardown

    What’s inside the new Agilent U1733C LCR meter? and how does it differ from the old U1733B Escort design?

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      • iva

        We want the review, review, review!

        Have the guys at Peaktech in Germany ever sent you anything for review Dave?

        I’m very satisfied with my Peaktech multimeter and they’re coming out with an portable LCR meter that does 100 KHz as well next week (in theory).

        Would be really nice to see how it compares against the Agilent, being at a cheaper price but with similar characteristics:

      • Wei

        Hope to see the review between the Agilent U1733c and IET DE-5000. Hope you get it out soon.

      • Martin

        can somebody stop this guy? When it comes to spending real money engineers need facts not prattle. So far I have always bought what he didn’t recommend – and faired quite well.

      • This is an interesting video. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about LCR with us. I am looking forward for your other videos.

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