EEVblog #239 – PCB Design For Manufacture Part 2

A follow up to Dave’s popular PCB Design For Manufacture (DFM) tutorial video.
This time he updates his uCurrent PCB for production, including panelisation layout and component reel selection. Lots of the same ground is covered as in part 1, but with a specific real project example.

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    • phangmoh

      Just in time for my garage assembly to factory assembly! You might want to check the battery connector from 4UCON or MoreThanAll of Taiwan, way more cost effective and awesome quality.

    • Nick

      Nice to see a use case

    • vincent himpe

      Time to get a 3DConnexion space navigator Dave !

      shift-drag just doesn’t cut the cheese in 3d view.

      I am using more and more step files in my designs. a lot of manufacturers have these avialable now for all their parts ( Molex , tyco , Bud and Hammond for their enclosures ) and you can find ton’s of stuff in Most of the time, if you call a manufacturer, they will email you step files. It is becoming more and more prevalent.

      • EEVblog

        I have one, but not set up on my new machine.

    • Jimmy

      Great Vid!
      Can we expect a cheaper uCurrent kit from you in the near future for those of us who have yet to click ‘add to cart’ ?

      • EEVblog

        I don’t know if it will be cheaper. I’m going to a locally made board which costs a lot more than the PCBcart one.

    • László Monda

      Kudos for ya, Dave! So clearly explained!

    • hamed


      this blog is very gooooooooooog 😀
      very very thanks :)

    • Worf

      So, I suppose an interesting question is how much it costs now to build it with the parts wastage than it did before…

      It should theoretically be cheaper, but like you said, you have to buy more parts because some will go to waste… what kind of savings are we looking at?

    • schneider


      did you also consider to use a reverse mounted battery indicator LED? (something like Digi-Key 160-1456-2-ND)

      Maybe you also need to change the hole size and the pads of the LED.

      I assume that your assembler is currently using normal LEDs and flips them?

    • Charlie


      Great on moving production to a more professional way. I believe that the real benefit of this effort is to make the product available to more people and not just to bring the price down.

      My recently bought uCurrent is still on it’s way so I can only judge the performance of the product based on reviews, but I think that the current price is more than ok.

      On the other hand I would had re-named the revision as the PCB design was actually modified. Maybe use different revision numbers, on for the electrical design, one for the PCB and maybe one for the case / mechanical design.

      Regards Charlie.

    • schneider

      Should have read the design documents…

      It is stated that actually a reverse mounded LED is already used.

    • Svenne Krap

      When you end up buying a larger reel than you need, say for the battery connector.

      Will the assembler send the leftovers back to you, and can you reuse them for the next batch – or is it a sunk cost?

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