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    EEVblog #943 – How EEVblog Does Video Editing

    Dave takes you step-by-step through his video editing, rendering, and transcoding process for an EEVblog ...

    • At first sight (looking at title) I thought is about Makerbot (the continuation)…

    • billgeo


      If mached with a cool pro-like videoclip it will ROCK!!!

      And the sound is not rap, it has a lot of guitar distortion for rap. It’s more like nu-metal.

      Anyway, its GREAT!

    • Wow, I couldn’t see this coming!

      Although I enjoyed it a lot don’t be shy to rap along in the sequel, Dave! 🙂

    • We at HacknMod approve! 🙂 Creative lyrics and extremely well done!

    • nrgeek

      That was freakin awesome .. I gotta get that for the ipod!!!!!!

      • nrgeek

        DAVE.. please arrange for that to available in MP3 format!
        or post a link to at least who did it.. Id pay a buck or two to have that on mp3

    • Matt C

      I’m very dope like a semiconductor device.

    • dmm

      Now THAT was cool…

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    • Charlie

      Excellent. CH!

    • Canuck

      Is there anywhere i can buy/download this?

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