• EEVblog #245 – PSU Design Part 10 – PCB Layout Editing

    Part 9 is HERE
    Part 10 of the PSU Design series, and Part 2 of the PCB Layout, this time, editing the changes from REV A to REV B and pushing the changes through to the PCB and doing a revised layout. Time lase is x20 speed.

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      • The two layout videos were very interesting, thank you Dave !

        The new parts take a quarter of the board but the modifications spread to the entire board. At what point (in general) do you decide to restart routing from scratch ? Is it a bad idea ?

        • Tough question to answer. I’ve never had to completely rip up ad entire board and start from scratch I don’t think. Because if you route as modular blocks, then you can at least keep those modular blocks and move them around.

      • leo

        When your looking for more room why not make the board bigger?.Or does that meen that you will nean to redesing the whole thing over?

        • Crazyguy

          It appears that the board size is limited by the case decision.

        • The board is a fixed size based on the chosen case. Change the case and you change the whole design and possibly specification.

      • cwalex

        thanks for these. your blog and videos inspired me to get eagle and lay out a simple board. I just received ten boards from itead in the post today. very rewarding to see my design come to life. I can’t wait to see more of these kind of videos or better still some beginner videos about laying out a board. I don’t care that you use altium I just would like your take on what to keep in mind when laying it out and that sort of thing. I bet there is a thousand other people who would like to see some videos like this 🙂

        • Getting your first commercial board back can be very exciting and rewarding!

      • Jorge Garcia

        Excellent Job Dave!

        It’s very cool that you let us pick your brain a little by watching you work and hearing your commentary. Keep videos like this coming.

        Jorge Garcia
        Cadsoft Computer

      • Bill Clay

        Dave’s best quote from this video: “I’m rotating my platypus a few times…” Haha! 😉

      • When will you be taking orders for the kits? 🙂

      • Matt

        How’s the enclosure coming along for this supply? I’m keen to see the finished result

      • Mac Cartier

        Is your PCB CAD file available anywhere for download? I would just like to get one made for myself.

        Keep up the great work!
        PS: Could you consider doing a video about input protection for mains or other?


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