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    EEVblog #1054 – How an Analog PC Joystick Works

    How does a PC read an old school analog joystick? It might be more interesting ...

    • David Holman

      Dave is tired of hearing comments that ESD work mats AFFECT your measurements.

    • Eric Lemmers

      I think the mat is affecting your measurements. try it without the mat dave.

    • Axel

      Congrats to 250 episodes! Well done! 🙂

    • Ossi

      Where did you get that Calculator with the Inductance and Capacitance Symbols?? How does it work ??

      • It’s a very old model Casio specially designed for electronics, you can’t buy it any more.

    • Grant des Rosiers

      Can we have a link to somewhere to buy a mat like this, Dave? I’m trying to set up a lab and would love to get a couple of these.

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