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    EEVblog #1040 – Caesium Beam Frequency Standards

    A look at the Caesium beam time and frequency standards at the Keysight standards lab ...

    • Robert

      Nice one, I would like this as a new section:

      “Dave’s Mailbag”

      Keep it up Dave, and hope you don’t drowned in packages now….. haha ;D

    • JTC

      Just looked at this book

      Book £29.50
      PCB 1 £29.90
      PCB 2 £29.90

      Any idea of the cost of the components? As this now looks a bit expensive.

    • Jay Ts

      That was quick and fun. I vote yes on the idea of doing it again.

    • Louis

      Yeah I liked it though makes me damn jealous…

      BTW Australie is french 🙂

      • Philip

        As it was sent from Germany it was supposed to mean “Australien”. Because in French, “Australie” doesn’t have the dots over the e. Might have been messed up by the computer…
        cheers from Austria (without “al” in the middle 😉 )

    • huh

      Dave, if you like nice surprises in the mailbox just subscribe to the TGIMBOEJ initiative (http://tgimboej.org/) and you will likely have enough material to shoot a dozen videos per day:^)

      That Elektor labworx thing seems pretty nice but the PCBs are definitely too expensive.

    • NOPE

      I would much rather see more technical content than this “unboxing” kind of stuff.

    • Steve_W

      Love the segment, wouldn’t mind reading the i2c book.



    • Steve_w

      I just checked out the Elektor site and they are linking to the eevblog mailbag video. Dave, you will become a celebrity !!

    • Worf

      Didn’t know Elektor was still around (they make the Elektor Electronics magazine back in the days… probably still do). An interesting Euro mag, anyhow.

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