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  • VOTE for Sagan!

    Posted on March 15th, 2012 EEVblog 18 comments

    UPDATE: Sagan made the short list!
    A huge thanks to everyone who voted!

    In a completely shameful use of social media power, Sagan needs everyone’s help to vote for him in the Bonds Baby contest, so, you know, he can start his world domination plans:

    Only takes a few seconds, but does unfortunately require email verification to count the vote.

    (it seems it may take at least several hours for the verification email)


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    • Arup

      I just voted. The confirmational email came in few seconds and not in several hours. :)

      • Wartex

        Congrats on having your address being sold to every spammer in the world.

    • Paul Stevenson

      he got my vote too, it would have been rude not to after he did the drop test haha

    • masterburner

      There we go, I voted as well. If you don’t want to provide your email to these guys, I suggest using
      It worked fine for me.

      • n2o_skillz

        seems to work. I got my confirmation email in seconds)

        Dave is cheating! (like I wouldn’t :D)

    • Bob Weiss, N2IXK

      Another vote for Sagan… or the other domains seem to work OK as well.

      • Wartex

        Mailinator has been blackholed on pretty much every website on the net, by IP address so doesn’t matter what domain you use.

        • Alessio Sangalli

          Absolutely not, I use it all the time and it works with everything I’ve tried so far.

    • Luc Jacob

      Voted too…

    • Maurice Perry

      for a second I thought he was going to drop test the scope…

      • Maurice Perry

        voted for him too btw

    • Adam Ward

      Is that Sagan’s debut speaking part? It was a lot more coherent and rational that the stuff his old man blabs on about most of the time 😀


    • Qno

      Do not let him play with the soldering iron….

    • mircea

      Very strong and funny baby!
      He got my vote 😉

      Let him starts the world domination….haaahaaahaaa!

    • Kenny

      Voted! Good luck!

    • mak kazemi

      I LOVE SAGAN !!!

    • emad

      i think this baby some day will be the Master of electronics ….

    • Anthony

      This is an awesome video. Bringing up the kiddies right.