• EEVblog #258 – PSU Housing Design – Part 11

    Part 11 in the PSU design series.
    This time it’s the housing design based on the new Rev C schematic, and the secret reason behind the project!
    The next video will follow with an overview of the Rev C schematic.

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      • Philip Freidin

        Hi Dave,

        The great thing about a design review is that other eyes get cast upon your design. I believe you have a problem in the battery charger section. The negative side of the battery does not connect to earth, it’s connected to the U2 output pins that are supposed to connect to the positive end of the battery. Assuming that CN4 pin 1 is the negative side of the battery (it should be marked), Pin 1 of CN4 should go to earth, and U2 pins 3 and 4 should go to CN4 pin 2 and also the S2 pin 2.


        • Philip Freidin

          Ooops, this belongs on video 259.

      • Mav

        I did like the “excuse the crudity of the model” ;lol ‘Looks great Doc’

        You really are a BTTF geek I think your next design should be a Flux Capacitor

        • http://www.eevblog.com EEVblog

          I know every line!
          I decided not to throw in the extra “I didn’t have time to build it to scale or to paint it” this time.

          • Mav

            I amazed you didn’t thow in a 1.21Ghz nod in your Marconi Fgen vid ; lol
            missed a trick

      • Macka


        Would you be able to give some sort of idea on what the finished front panel would look like; in particular, I’m curious as to what you plan to do with the tactile switches, whether you put some sort of button cover over them or leave them as little black sticks poking through the FP for the user to press.

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