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    EEVblog #1040 – Caesium Beam Frequency Standards

    A look at the Caesium beam time and frequency standards at the Keysight standards lab ...

    • Steve_W

      Most interesting video, I have a dumb question (yeah I know there no such thing as a dumb question, only dumb people) Why dont the components fall off the board? does the paste stick them there? any good references about this process?

    • Bob

      The sticky solder paste holds the parts in place until the paste is reflowed.

      Nice basic info on the process at Wikipedia:


      • Steve_W

        Thanks Bob just what the doctor ordered

    • Jay Ts

      Thanks, Dave. This was very educational. I already had a basic idea of how the process works, but it helps so much seeing your video in the actual business, showing the setup of the machines, and the boards going through them. It put all of the pieces of the puzzle together.

    • Drone

      I’d like to see a breakdown of the production costs. First setup charge, recurring setup charges, stencil setup and manufacture costs, etc. Thanks Dave…


    • Mike

      Thanks Dave, Very well done!


    • Is there a special step to getting the LEDs installed upside down, or are they taped out that way?

    • Nice information very useful for me

    • Peter

      “Percussive Maintenance”…LOL!!!

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