• EEVblog #275 – PIR Sensor Teardown & Tutorial

    Teardown Tuesday
    What’s inside a NESS Quantum Passive Infrared (PIR) pyroelectric motion sensor. How do they work?
    And what’s all this Fresnel lens stuff anyhow?

    For Meters and Sensors check out Measurement Systems.

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      • Forgot the video link

      • Here’s the vid:


      • Jope

        Jeri Ellsworth has also a nice video about PIR sensors:


      • Aki

        A trail camera = a PIR sensor + a stripped down pocket camera? Or am I wrong?

      • This tear down reminded me of my early days working in the security business. Your explanation of how the PIR sensor works is great. I remember when the first dual-tech models were introduced. The microwave sensors were poorly designed and would trip the system to easily.

        It was also common to mask the inside of the Fresnel lens to create “pet allies” for some customers.

      • Worf

        One other thing is, in a pinch, you can wire the tamper switch in series with the alarm contact and detect both with two wires, in case you don’t have 6 wire alarm cable to your motion detector…

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