• EEVblog #278 – Elmo Visual Presenter Teardown

    Teardown Tuesday
    What’s inside an Elmo Visual Presenter?
    More importantly, can it be used as a PCB inspection/soldering tool?

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      • Hi.
        After watching your blog on the Elmo Visual Presenter, I found a similar one on ebay and purchased it. I like the camera being high up to allow soldering iron etc in. As I’m just over 60 now, hand soldering 0603 parts on my latest board is a bit tricky, even ‘tho I use a magnifier lamp. This camera will make the job much easier!
        Thanks for showing it off 🙂

      • Joe

        Hi Dave,
        why would you want to halve the working distance?
        Is this not enough magnification?
        Perhaps you would run into trouble with residue from the solderfumes on the first focussing lens.
        Greetings from a viewer wondering how much you spend on the device.

        • I thought the same : you should not expose such a nice lens to hot flux projection.

          Having your head looking at an external motor while soldering might be awkward at first, it may need a bit of practice.
          That said it’s a really nice upgrade to film circuit “live action”.

          Can you have two outputs enabled at the same time (like the DVI and S-Video) ?

      • Could your 3D printer be used to print an ‘adapter’ holding the secondary lens? Kinda like the camera adapter you tried making earlier.

      • Jay Ts

        For SLR and other camera lenses, it is possible to add close-up (“macro”) capability by adding a positive diopter lens immediately in front of the camera lens. It is very simple and screws into the filter threads of the lens. It looks like your Elmo doesn’t have threads, therefore, you will have to use duct tape. 😛

        Look for “close-up lens” or “close-up filter” at a photographic supply company (such as B&H or Adorama in New York City). They are sometimes sold as a set of +1, +2 and +4 diopters. The larger diameters can be quite expensive, but maybe you can get lucky and find something used on eBay.

      • Gerry

        Dave, not sure what changed but I am no longer able to view your videos, the player comes up with some error. Are you not using Youtube any more?

        • Godfrey

          Try deleting your youtube cookies and then refresh the page.

      • huh

        What a nice piece of equipment! Looks like it needs some more light from different angles but it’s so beautiful anyway.
        If I had something like that I would arrange some optics add on to make it work as a telescope, then point it to the sky. Years ago I did something like that by using a hi res surveillance camera module and the head of a surplus rifle scope. Worked like a charm, though it wasn’t even close to HD: from microscope to telescope just by adding the right spacer. Your one should be much better quality wise.

      • Axel

        Once connected to something to record to (TV card) you could use it as DaveCad Pad 🙂

      • Bill Engelke

        Just Googled it, expensive little toy. Over $2500 USD.

      • arekm

        Did anyone try to use USB microscope for similar purpose?

        • They have a crap usable range, usually several mm. Not enough to get a soldering iron under.

      • I just got one (arrived today) for about $700 delivered via ebay. When connected to a small DVI TV / monitor the zoomed images look fantastic. Will be trying some SMT soldering using it this weekend.

        There is another one from the same seller currently available for $695 + $25 shipping. There were a few “has been used” scuff marks but otherwise it was in perfect condition. I have to say that the seller did an awesome job on the packaging — it had been bubble wrapped and inside a custom made expanded foam case!

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