EEVblog #280 – Talking Electronics – History
A 5 part interview with Colin Mitchell, the pioneering founder of Talking Electronics magazine, which was immensely popular in the 1980’s in Australia.

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    • Hey Dave,

      Fascinating interview with Colin. The publishing stories were funny! I’ve been involved with several small publications most using DTP and we could self publish too.

      Thanks for the insider view on Talking Electronics.

    • David T

      Thank Dave,

      Like you, I grew up with Talking Electronics educationally and as inspiration. I built many of their kits not to mention a couple of TEC’s which was a lot of fun!

      Great interview with a true legend of the Australian electronics industry! I haven’t listened to all the interviews yet, but Colin comes across as a truly great bloke 🙂

    • Clint Field

      Dave , thanks so much for that great interveiw .
      I am a product of the seventies and remember all
      of Colllins publications , he is a true educator.

      How fantastic it was to finaly meet the man.
      Collin should be nominated for an Order of Australia for his contributions to electronics education.

      Well done !

      Clint field

      PS love your blog.

    • Ras B

      I didnt grow up on its publications, but i can say that his online articles were a big help, even nowadays i go there for some “reference” here and there, specially on some basic concepts brush up lol

    • Adam E

      A huge thankyou Dave for conducting and filming the interviews! You have provided a real insight into the man that was largely responsible for so many hours of kit building, reading and learning.

      My best mate and I used to live locally to Rosewarne Avenue in the 80’s and rode our bikes on several occasions to his *cough* “shop” and purchased a number of his FM bug kits. It was always great to see the printing equipment in the background.

      Colin is a real legend and pioneer in the field of electronics education and his enthusiasm helped develop the interest in electronics in so many of us, something which Colin can be very proud of!

      Please keep up the great work Colin!

      Likewise Dave with your always interesting video blogs. Teardown Tuesday is a weekly must watch here!

      Regards, Adam.

    • Oliver

      As a non-australian, I’ve never heard of the man. But this interview was truely amazing to watch.

      What an extremly interesting and awesome guy! To bad you ran out of interview matterial, I could have watched all day!

    • nick m.

      I completely agree with Oliver here..
      It was a pleasure watching Mr.Colin Mitchell’s interview.

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