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The draw for the Hameg analog/digital oscilloscope. Be Sociable, Share!

  • Jay Ts

    I hate forums! Um … can you open the contest to people who post comments, too? :-)

  • Guy Huybrechts

    I love all the episodes, exept one: the beer spill!( I ‘m from the land off beer you now!)
    Now i’m desperate waiting on your next episode off the Agilent LCR meter testing you promised.

  • hlavac

    Trying to improve the odds, are you eh?
    Well, it just dropped to 1:3 :)

    As for the beer, made me sad too. But then, it was not Czech beer, so it got what it deserved probably. Dave’s “Daun’ drin’ it, tastes like piss” might be a hint here :)