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EEVblog #1034 – Mailbag

Mailbag is back! Forum HERE SPOILERS: Beginner schematic and PCB layout analysis. Can Dave guess ...

  • Seth Tucker

    This will obviously be extreamly beneficial to anyone wanting to record their soldering, but I think the video latency would bother me a quite lot. I wish consumer electronics designers would put lowering latency at a higher priority than they do, especially for real time applications.

  • PK

    I use a SONY EVI-400 block camera with a 12x optical zoom, connected to my 24″ Dell monitor with an S-Video input for SMD soldering. It’s not super high res (decent resolution at 768 (H) 494 (V) lines), but gives real-time response, unlike USB cameras that I’ve seen connected to some professional microscopes (where the delay is very annoying). I also hae a TI video processing card. It can convert video input from the camera into streaming video, which can be recorded. Maybe I’ll post results sometime.

  • Worf

    Dang man, that’s a US$1500 retail camcorder you’re using! (north american price – I can’t imagine what it costs down under)

    • Worf

      PS: It’s also one of the best consumer level camcorders out there for a couple of years running, so you sorta expect that at that price…

    • Yeah, it’s top of the line without going full pro. Damn nice camera, I paid about AU$1600 for it at the time.
      I’m glad I didn’t skimp. Really nice pro features that others can’t match, like pro audio level display, dual SD cards, audio mixing, focus peaking display etc.

  • I’m a big fan of the Manfrotto Magic Arm–it articulates just like a human arm, and is about the same size. You position the camera any way you like and then a quarter turn on a handle at the elbow makes it become rigid. Good medicine for $100-ish.


    Phil Hobbs

    • Looks nice. Do the arms extend at all?
      I wanted to mount a linear rail up on my top shelf and have such an arm extend down anywhere over and along the bench.

  • Hi Dave,

    These digits could be great for your USB Power Supply if you can get them in enough quantity.


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