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  • JRR

    I thought maybe you were going to add the second “P” in “Dropped” when the blooper at the end came in.

  • The drop in order of magnitude is interesting in suppression of RF signals. Drops most off there in vestigial carriers.

  • John

    Eh, how many Fluke 87’s Dave exactly has? Half a dozen?

  • f4eru

    just look at in in dB, it’s less awesome. or not 🙂

    reminds me of some link budgets to mars spanning some 280 dB =28 orders of magnitude for power (14 for voltage) Plain crazy…
    look at that :

  • Salas

    Dave has +6dB a Fluke 87 🙂

    • f4eru

      And this also costs +6 dB$ :))

  • Vot

    What a bad blog. It didnt’t cover any advanced topics at all like:

    “Wholy [email protected]#k the boss is going to kick my ass my caculations were out 10 orders of magnitude on that last design we did.”


    “I totally f&$ked up somewhere im out by many orders of magnitude”

    Start using these advanced use case’s and you’ll sound like someone who’s been in the industry in no time….

    (Disclaimer: Should you require to use these advanced usage’s of “orders of magnitude”, expressly no guarantee is implied or given as to the continuation of your employment)

  • For cap and inductor values I just remember MUNP!
    m = milli = 10^-3
    u = micro = 10^-6
    n = nano = 10^-9
    p = pico = 10^-12

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