• EEVblog #289-2 – Handifax 1000 video – Part 2

    Because many asked to see it, the entire Handifax 1000 VHS video.
    I believe that the video was done by Eric Lau, as the label on the tape has Solar Film & Video Services Ltd

    NOTE: My encoder stretched this to 16:9. It was supposed to be 4:3. But it looks like it did a good job at it.

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      • Ondre

        I like the blonde girl, but I guess the olive colored dress was a pain in the eyes even back in 1994 :-). Also a big fan of the 80’s porn synth music! It brings up the urge to connect my vintage Roland MT-32 to the computer and play some Sierra Adventure classics for the rest of the week. Anyone got a USB-MIDI cable for me?!

      • Adam

        The keys for setting the time are unintuitive

      • f4eru

        Simply cool

        I love the 7 character passwd shown in clear on screen (assumind it’s also saved in clear)

      • Michael K.

        Unbelievable – the style of presentation, the used colors, the voice, the music, … it’s all so 80’s. 😉 Thanks for sharing with us.

        “Handyfax is compact, lightweight and solidly constructed…” lol

        I can’t withstand to show you this:) http://youtu.be/xmnlkLc1Foc

      • [..YouTube..] The PDA has never gone away, because everyone and their cat owns an iPhone. At work just about every member of staff is fiddling with one during break times in the canteen. I myself have two Psion Series 3 (one an mx); a Mitac Mio 168; two Dell Axim x51v. I’m not that keen on the current generation of PDAs though.

      • [..YouTube..] It sounds very mid to late 1980s to my ears (I am 40).

      • Nice blog post, very unique and you can get lots of information that is very helpful. thank you for sharing your blog.

      • [..YouTube..] Yeehaa, I’m not the only one, although I could not understand how to install batteries without the very advanced user video!! ;o)

      • [..YouTube..] Well, my the clothes pegs on my eyes were strained, but I made it all the way through!! I can’t believe they made a section on battery installation!!Wow, if this had come out at the start of the fax age (I know, that could not have happened), I think it would have been quite successful :o)I think they only got copywrite permission for one song lolI love how she pretends to seed type on the keyboard at the end, like that’s possible lol

      • [..YouTube..] With an old Analog Mobile phone transmitting an inch or so against the Handifax. I wonder how well it stood up to RFI.

      • [..YouTube..] Going by the video, it sounds like there must be a backup lithium cell installed for the unit to work.Besides being yet another example of how crap this product is, this might be why it did not turn on.

      • [..YouTube..] I laughed when I see that they put in Dave’s favourite golden power batteries!

      • [..YouTube..] PDAs have “fused” phones

      • [..YouTube..] Thumbs up for who watched the whole video haha

      • [..YouTube..] Advertisement.. SELLOUT :DDDD On a more serious note, great video!

      • [..YouTube..] It wasn’t the batteries. The battery compartment was left open.

      • [..YouTube..] The vid capture from the Hauppauge PVR looks really good considering the source.

      • [..YouTube..] I watched the whole thing! I didn’t know my eyelids could get so heavy.

      • [..YouTube..] I’ll have to keep this around for the times I can’t get to sleep.

      • [..YouTube..] The transition music is very, very annoying.

      • [..YouTube..] Damn, I’m busted!

      • [..YouTube..] thx i looked everywhere 4 a manual for my unboxed one..

      • [..YouTube..] Man, I can’t get the video to play. Maybe it’s because it’s PAL and I’m in North America? OK, bad joke… Only made it about 5 minutes through the video but thanks for putting this up.

      • [..YouTube..] Handifax 1000, lightyears ahead of the old Handifax 999!

      • [..YouTube..] Why am I watching this?????????????

      • [..YouTube..] what happened to your video on the PsVita

      • [..YouTube..] Lmfao

      • [..YouTube..] It’s amazing how things have moved on. That Sheila deemed it acceptable to carry a towel about with her so that she could provide the unit with better acoustic dampening.

      • [..YouTube..] That music was horrid.

      • [..YouTube..] Gotta love the music

      • [..YouTube..] Wow, you can really tell that this video was created in the 90’s just by the ever popular Telstra, or should I say Telecom TouchPhone, the white one, there was a time when those things were in almost every home here in Australia, you still see them around, I think my parents still have a couple of them.

      • Worf

        My god that’s what passed for user-friendliness in the 90’s?

        It’s a good thing it failed – that thing is just hard to use!

      • [..YouTube..] 0mm

      • Adam E

        Such genius product design!

        You just have to love the convenient placement of the SEND button….buried right down behind the handset that you have to try and delicately balance on top of the thing.
        You can actually see the handset get pushed by the person trying to transmit at one point in the video.

        Talk about your pieces of crap!

        Thanks Dave for a good laugh!
        Please find some more Op shop relics for us to poke fun at!! 😉

      • [..YouTube..] oh lawdy

      • [..YouTube..] iphone != pda, its a phone for starters and it has the internet. Its more closely related to a tablet pc than a pda.

      • [..YouTube..] Man those youtube ads are getting longer and longer…

      • [..YouTube..] I hate the new sound YouTube makes when you like a comment. :/

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