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    • [..YouTube..] why don’t you add feet to all the enclosures? That way you cover up the holes and you don’t get rocking “feature”?

    • Marcus

      The download link for this episode doesn’t work, it points to http://www.eevblog.com/podpress_trac/web/2119/0/EEVblog289-VCRteardown-480×270.mp4


    • [..YouTube..] Why dont you put the usb-input next to the 2 outputs and then place knobs or buttons on the oposite end.

    • TJ

      Hello Dave,
      Thanks for USB power supply project. It will be very useful to me and I look forward to it.

      Please don’t make the USB port “poke out” as you said. Flush mounting will be so much more durable since the end cover can provide some lateral strain relief if cut closely. I’ve repaired several mini USB connectors which broke the solder joints in normal use.

      Also, stand-offs under the PCB to bring the display very close to the Perspex cover will improve the readability and the feel of the switches.

      Best wishes,

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