• EEVblog #292 – Johnny B. Goode

    Teardown Tuesday
    Sorry, this was meant to be just a fun supplementary video. Was going to have another teardown ready as well, but it never made it unfortunately. So this one will have to suffice for this week.

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      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=dylanpalmediy dylanpalmediy

        [..YouTube..] Sagan is unimpressed 😛

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=avalonhack avalonhack

        [..YouTube..] eh nope, i think you confusing EEVblog with mikeselectricstuff 😉

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Riskteven Riskteven

        [..YouTube..] How do you get the items for teardown? Perhaps the viewers could mail some stuff to you? Or will that fit to the Mailbox show better?

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=TheWelly888 TheWelly888

        [..YouTube..] Never thought I would be watching a teddy bear being disemboweled on YouTube!!

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=fingerboy18 fingerboy18

        [..YouTube..] Sagan will understand in time… in time.

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=fingerboy18 fingerboy18

        [..YouTube..] Sagan @9:56 “Wtf is dis shit?”

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=wiso31 wiso31

        [..YouTube..] :-))

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=thenerdyouknowabout thenerdyouknowabout

        [..YouTube..] Teddy surgery!

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Albinorama Albinorama

        [..YouTube..] Sagan is making Dave sweety

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Boloop Boloop

        [..YouTube..] Apparently It is read as Yue Han, 约翰, Which translate to the name John. Maybe they make loads of them with different programmed songs, as this was the Johnny version.

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=unlokia unlokia

        [..YouTube..] Dave, are you running out of things to tear down? Tooth brush, then some dodgy fax machine, and now this… LOL. What will be torn down next – a battery holder?

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=rep1974 rep1974

        [..YouTube..] man I think you have lost it..if I wouldn’t know better I would say that you have problems with the high temperature.. but in Australia now is winter..Oh I know!your brain is frozen!!poor think..would you like to be teared down to?so that you will be usefull to something..LOOSER!!

      • Bearman

        Nice job. Always good to show that not everything has to be trashed automatically because it ceased to function. Most problems with toys can be fixed fairly easily. My buddy bought a used air hockey table for his boys. I was able to fix it. As I troubleshot everything in the end I found 6 individual problems before getting it 100% functional.

        Looking at the background of Sagan’s room I see Ausie babies have TMS just like US babies do. TMS = TOO MUCH SHIT. I think that is the root cause of attention deficit disorder.

        Spoil’em if you got’em. Enjoy.


      • Goophy69

        Hi Dave:

        Frequenting your blog and checking out the videos have been one of my habits now! Very nice videos!

        The thing in 2:55 is:
        Traditional Chinese: 約翰
        Simplified Chinese: 约翰
        English: John

        Surpriced? XDDD

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=RetroGamerVX RetroGamerVX

        [..YouTube..] I like it, looks like mini you wasn’t so sure he did lol

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=RetroGamerVX RetroGamerVX

        [..YouTube..] I have a military flight computer, I’d love to send it to eev blog to tear down but the legalities and cost. Gonna do a teardown myself but I don’t know as much as he does :o(

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=unlokia unlokia

        [..YouTube..] Eh? :-/

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=tamagakun tamagakun

        [..YouTube..] Sagan says: this is not a telescope dad!

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=20RoyalSuperKing 20RoyalSuperKing

        [..YouTube..] The things you have to do for the kids aye! I had to do a teardown and rebuilld of a my 4 year old daughters toy called jo jo from waybaloo, after the washing machine incident…

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=heroineworshipper heroineworshipper

        [..YouTube..] Put an iphone in it & make an intelligent Siri bear.

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=EvilPyroCan EvilPyroCan

        [..YouTube..] The kid’s like, da fuck is that? Get me out of here!

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=heroineworshipper heroineworshipper

        [..YouTube..] Trapped into watching another baby video.

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=MattJBaugh MattJBaugh

        [..YouTube..] Awwwh, he’s grown loads since the last video I saw him in!

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Gameboygenius Gameboygenius

        [..YouTube..] Try mikeselectricstuff here on YouTube. He has a few military and vintage teardowns.

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Edison1252 Edison1252

        [..YouTube..] You’ve got a beautiful baby. Love your videos too.

      • Rafael

        Nice video; it reminded my early days of electronics when I disassembled my toys… Of course after reassembly they wouldn’t work anymore, to my brother and my parents dismay.
        BTW, Sagan is really a cute baby!

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=gamccoy gamccoy

        [..YouTube..] I believe the little tike was hoping for some test equipment to start his own lab. You seem to have spoiled him with the Fluke you gave him one day.

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=skyfox7 skyfox7

        [..YouTube..] Talk about sh*tting a brick!

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=longbowlongbow longbowlongbow

        [..YouTube..] That the bear name Johnny in Chinese…..

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=TungstenTorx TungstenTorx

        [..YouTube..] Dave, awesome tear down, I’ve always wondered what was inside those items. Were TP3 screws used to hold that plastic housing together? Anyway, terrific video!

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=samsonofdan samsonofdan

        [..YouTube..] nice job sneaking in that 3 AA holder in place of the 4 AAA with that edit, not gonna trick me Dave

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=gerjaison gerjaison

        [..YouTube..] It’s a name call “John”

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=therealjammit therealjammit

        [..YouTube..] @EEVblogFor cleaning up battery corrosion on contacts, I soak the battery holder in a solution of white vinegar and salt. Scrub with an old tooth brush, rinse in a solution of water and baking soda, then a good rinse under plain water and a good dry.

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=DFCad1 DFCad1

        [..YouTube..] the roswell saucer preferably.short of that, maybe a high power radar system. or maybe a boat radar

      • http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=nThanksForAllTheFish nThanksForAllTheFish

        [..YouTube..] 約翰 = “John” according to google translate.