• EEVblog #300 LIVE Show

    I’ll be running a LIVE show for the 300th Episode.
    9am Sydney time Monday 25th June.
    CLICK HERE for the times around the world.
    I will attempt to run both the usual Ustream channel and also a new live cast direct on my Youtube channel.
    Questions and chat will be taken the Ustream chat window only.

    The live show page is here:

    Nothing fancy, just the usual live show where I’ll be taking questions and chatting about whatever you want.

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      • So, that would be monday 01:00 for most of us western EU folks. 🙂

        • AMH

          Well, even the “young players” here will probably be allowed to stay up late 🙂 I bet it will be worth it.

          • Well, summer holiday for me anyway, so 1:00 is fine. 🙂

      • Noice looking forward to it!

      • Meins321

        nooo 02:00 to 03:00 ? thats early on monday 🙂
        For German viewers it will be hard to view ^^

        • No, it starts at 01:00 for you Germans as well. Just a little less early. 🙂

      • Tekati


        Thank you for posting this. I have missed all previous ones because I did not know when they were happening. This was a big help and I will definitely be there for this one!

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