• EEVblog #300 – Live Show

    Riveting viewing!
    3 full hours of Dave yapping on answering questions on the 300th Episode Live show.
    Only edited to remove some housekeeping at the start, otherwise it’s the full straight 3 hour live show as broadcast on Ustream, Google+, ad live on the Youtube channel using the “Hangouts on air” feature.
    There is an unboxing of the Mantis Elite Stereo Microscope at the very end.

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      • Martin from Hamburg/ Germany

        Hi Dave!

        Finally one more believer in the Flying Spaghetti Monster, folksy welcome! Learned a lot from you (‘m not a bloody beginner, got my first soldering iron with the age of six) and your very unique enthusiastic style; love this zealous dedication to that what one doing, it’s the best one could possibly imagine and still have fun with, thank you very much. Congrats, way to go!

        Sometime, if I’m in your part of the world, I would like annihilate some beers and chat with you, beer is on me!

        Congrats for your #300 and best regards from
        Hamburg/ Germany,

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