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    EEVblog #1047 – Solar Roadways FINALLY BUSTED! Colas Wattway

    Dave finally puts an end to the idea of Solar Roadways. We have the test ...

    • meeee

      A “metallic stick on thing??” By any chance did you mean “magnet?”

    • Worf

      Don’t you like it how Dave got TWO PFANGs? After all, he took one apart on Tuesday, and on Wednesday/Thursday, he showed us another one that arrived!

      Even the blog numbers show he took one apart first then got another :). I guess it didn’t go so well putting it back together…

      (Yes, this is a joke. I know he filmed the mailbag first before teardown tuesday….)

    • John

      The finnish flag stamps actually read “1 class” which translates it as bearing the same value needed to mail first class letters domestically. Practical way to save a couple pennies is to hoard them just before a postal price hike. :>

      Value of those five combined with currently going rates is roughly around ~4.50 AUD for those interested.

    • P

      Finland has €uro! Not bloody $$$$! ! !

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