EEVblog #313 – Bus Pirate LCD Debugging

Getting a Newhaven 8×2 LCD display working with the Bus Pirate.
And some unexpected debugging.

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    • Tony

      Very cool! Are you thinking of using this display with the USB power supply? Looks like it might be a great fit.

    • Ian

      Thanks for using the Bus Pirate. We made a prototype of the LCD adapter with a 2×8 connector yesterday, you can see it at the website link on this comment.

      I’ll send a prototype once the PCBs come back.

    • Majenko Technologies

      It would have been nice if that little daughter board could be plugged direct into the BP without the need for that dodgy cable.

      You can, of course, carefully lever the shroud off the header on the LCD board using a small screwdriver / slim knife and put it on the other way around, so you can use a non-reversed cable. It baffles me why they have it backwards like that.

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    • Omar Francisco

      As usual, nice work. Initialization seems to be one of the biggest problems when working with LCD displays. It may be of help to readers of this blog an HD44780 protocol analyzer I wrote for the Saleae Logic Analyzer. A full write up and links to download is located at

      Keep up the good work!

      • EEVblog

        Yeah, that’s the problem. Your code and hardware is either 100% and it works, or you get nothing. Classic debugging problem!

    • jebadiah moulton

      Where did you get the flying lead test cable? Not the ribbon cable you discussed but the one with all the different colored flying leads. I’ve been looking for something like that at a good price.

      • EEVblog

        Don’t recall. Had it in my junk bin a long time.