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  • EEVblog #315 – Korad KA3005P Review/FAIL

    Posted on July 21st, 2012 EEVblog 6 comments

    UPDATE: Triosmartcal have withdrawn it from sale, and Korad are investigating…
    UPDATE2: Korad have admitted that the output transistors were not the correct type in this early batch unit.

    Forum Topic HERE

    Watch the Korad KA3005P FAIL!
    The review of course is not complete because there was nothing left working to finish it.

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    • Jay Ts

      Classic EEVblog. LOL

    • Chris

      Looks like the output transistors have gone short circuit

    • Beaner

      Kogan? Korad! Both start with a K, what does that tell you?

    • Madhu

      Hi Dave,

      Just in case you missed it, when you see the 0.23V, the PSU is booting into CC mode rather than CV mode.


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