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    EEVBlog #819 – Kirchhoff’s Laws Tutorial

    EEVBlog #819 – Kirchhoff’s Laws Tutorial

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    • Worf

      That LXI logo thing – is that an industry standard or something?

      I know I see it all the time on Agilent stuff, and I know Agilent OEMs stuff from Rigol, but I always associated LXI with Agilent’s technology of something or other.

    • http://wardyprojects.blogspot.com Adam Ward

      I can’t remotely afford this kit but I enjoy living the excitement vicariously through your videos. Great stuff.

    • Eric

      Wow, think I found a new piece of kit for tuning duplexers. Sure looks a lot lighter than the service monitor I’ve been lugging around.

    • Joeee

      WOW! Would like to get one too… But as a student these are too pricy.

    • Craig

      How about a demo/teardown/review of the new DS2000 series scopes? =)

      • http://www.eevblog.com EEVblog

        When I get one. It has been promised…

    • Lat

      One small comment: the Rigol people seem to pronounce “Rigol” differently:

      I seem to recall another video where a Rigol guy said that “Rigol” rhymes with “eagle”.

    • Raff

      Wow nice gear! I’m just a little jealous :) Looking forward to the tear down and reviews.

    • Joeee

      Hi Dave,
      there was a discussion in a German mikrocontroller Forum. The people there contacted Rigol about a problem with the sensitivity of the inbuild demodulator. Thereafter Rigol published a firmwareupdate to solve the issue. The mentioned revised Firmware shows up as 00.01.05. “improving AM/FM demodulation function and adding relative Pass/Fail mask line function”
      Greetings, Joe

      • http://www.eevblog.com EEVblog

        Thanks, will have to look into the firmware upgrade.

    • Vot

      Hi if i ordered a rigol ds1052e today does the 100mhz hack still work?

      Or does it only work on particular rebisions etc

      • Vot

        Err particular revisions of the pcb

    • http://stevecoates.net Stephen Coates

      I’d love to see a demo of the arbitrary function generator.

    • Nick

      Hmm, I am still curious about the voice generator. I thought that he would modulate that for the spectrum analysator.

    • Worf

      Time to consider a wireless mike Dave!

    • Ray

      Just commented on EEVBlog#343, and came back here to read the comments.

      Will add one: A big thanks to Rigol (or its local distributor) for getting you these devices.

      Marketing genious when you have good product. And Rigol does. I have been very happy with the DS1102E Scope and DG1022 ArbGen units I bought, based 100% on what I saw in the old DS1052E teardown here on EEVBlog.

      • http://www.eevblog.com EEVblog

        Yes, big thanks to Rigol for following through and getting me the gear.

    • http://www.daves-concrete.com/images/db/xnvxwj.asp www.daves-concrete.com

      Hi, just wanted to tell you, I loved this article. It was inspiring. Keep on posting

    • http://www.eevblog.com/2014/03/31/eevblog-597-fluke-114-kit-multimeter-sparkfunfluke-rant/ Ninja Pudo

      Sorry, but am always getting hard when someone unboxes new measurement equipment.
      It’s usually like a porn to me.
      Keep on undressing new stuff :-).