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  • EEVblog #327 – Makerbot Replicator Troubleshooting

    Posted on August 3rd, 2012 EEVblog 8 comments

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    Dave fixes his Makerbot Replicator, and rants about a few things…

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    • Steve


      why not add some lock-tite or vibra-tite blue or green low strength hold to the grub screws. That will help a lot with vibration loosing. Don’t use the red or your screws will be permanent I think the blue low hold will work the best for this application. You may also know this as thread locker available at most auto and hardware stores for pennys great for loose door knobs too.

    • Nudel

      You ought to do what RepRap have been recommending for years, take out the motor and smooth rods and file flats on them so the grub screws can be tightened properly. Not doing so is a recipe for slipping pulleys and plenty of failed prints down the line.

      It looks like there might be enough space to use m3 screws you can tighten properly, instead of the tiny grub screws that you are going to misplace.

    • Robert

      I joined the Sydney hackerspace where they used to have a Thingomatic. they replaced it with the UP printer. The tell me they had a lot of problems getting the thingomatic to work.
      I had never used any 3D printer before and got a perfect print on the first go
      Its interesting that Makerbot have gone to a finished product like the UP
      i think the UP is a better printer for the masses
      9I have no affiliation with UP)

    • Steve Leibson

      Had to look up the term “grub screws” in Wikipedia. (What a great name I’ve never heard of! They do look like little grubs.) In the US, they’re called set screws. Apparently, “grub screw” is another deviation between US and UK language variants like “spanner,” “boot,” “bonnet,” “aluminum,” and “suspenders”.


      • EEVblog

        Don’t forget thongs!

      • Steve

        In parts of the US they are also called grub screws as well

    • Hash


      You show at the end of the video homing the machine and it almost taking out your print. Any CNC type machine usually has a homing feature and it is to be used when initially turning on a machine so the software and hardware coordinates match, not after a machining operation.

      That being said, the Makerbot Replicator is meant to be a device for people who know nothing about machining or CNC generally, so I think they should have features that prevent things like that, or at least use layman language so people can operate the thing who have no machining experience.

      I have a CNC machine myself so I ended up learning a lot of the terminology while destroying parts I was making! Nice video, use some Loctite on those screws to compensate for the poor design.


    • myjnia ręczna kraków

      Yes! Finally someone writes about myjnie.