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    EEVblog #943 – How EEVblog Does Video Editing

    Dave takes you step-by-step through his video editing, rendering, and transcoding process for an EEVblog ...

    • Just an idea, but how about a “behind the scenes” of eevblog for one of your vids. Someone following you around as you prepare for your video, take the shots, edit the video… or just a time lapse vid of you doin’ your stuff.
      Keep up the good work.

      • Been contemplating something like that. Have a decent 2nd cam now, so possible.

        That review will have to happen soon, too many people harassing me about that “thing” in the background!

    • I think it’s an excellent idea. I find most of your videos very entertaining, but some of them have no direct link with electronics and may surprise the newcomers.
      Maybe you should keep a copy of the (already) numbered ones here, just for continuity’s sake.
      As for what should go there, you’ll be the judge, but, for example, the video about the curiosity landing, although very interesting, could be easily moved there. you already have a collection of “off-topic Rants” ( https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3D52BD3032F6F614&feature=plcp ), that would fit nicely there (but then again as a copy, just for those, like me, who want to watch every episode once they get hooked to your show).

      Keep the great work, thank you for your time Dave.

    • Leo Bodnar

      Hi Dave,

      Stop asking people what they want! People don’t know what they want.

      Enforcing your opinions and decisions on others is the best thing you can do to guarantee unique and entertaining style!


      • Yeah, silly me, I never learn!

    • Goophy69

      Hi Dave, sleep well 🙂

    • Charlie

      Hi Dave.

      Great idea on the second channel for other stuff.

      One word, I think that there will be videos that should go on both.

      Keep it up, CH

    • allan

      Hi Dave,

      Keep up the good work on eevblog.com. I”m an EE. I’m really only interested in stuff pertaining to electronics, so I don’t plan to check out altzone.

      Thanks anyway, for moving the off-topic stuff there.


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