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EEVblog #1000 – Fundamental Mailbag Retro Teardown Shootouts are Bullshit

As the title says, kinda… Dave answers the age old question, do single take videos ...

  • Vegard

    Why wouldnt you be able to sell the usb charger in australia without the ground pin? It says on the back it’s double insulated?

  • Worf

    That USB charger looks like it’s for an iPhone or something, except it looks a lot lower quality, oddly (it has the green dot, which is to do with a recall on an earlier model so they all have green dots now). So I’m guessing it’s a cheap ripoff adapter.

    When you do your teardown of it, compare it to the real thing – someone tore the real one down and found it to be of extremely high quality.



    He also tore down a crappy one for comparison


    Would be nice to see what you have with the real thing and how it fits in between the crappy ones and the well designed ones.

  • Bob LeDoux

    Check out the Cypres device carefully. Some parachuting safety devices use a pyrotechnic charge to “cut the cord.”

    • f4eru

      it’s probably the case here.

      The older xilinx spartans may be of use, older FPGAs have the advantage to need less power suplies and to be native 5V.

  • Ray

    What Special Edition of Playboy magazine (month, year, contries) had the mutimedia Martini unit?

    • Playboy : June 2011, Russia
      Vogue: December 2010, Russia

      Don’t remember which had which advertisement. There is a chance that this martini one was actually from Vogue. Anyway, Playboy sounds better 😉

  • Ian.M

    See http://habrahabr.ru/post/108921/
    (use Google Translate)

  • I jumped several times with Cypress. I would love to see the teardown. Great!
    Btw. I takes about 100m to open the parashute, so 700feet should easily be enough… if it opens correctly.

  • Ray

    To Michail & Ian.M, thanks.

    The Vouge and Playboy advertisements were the same. It appears that the one for Vouge was exclusive to Russia but I have not found anything yet confirming the same for the one for Playboy.

  • James

    @4:28, notice it’s not a power adapter, it’s “Power A dapeer”.

    It’s also made in China twice!

  • Chris

    The Cisco cards with the edge connector and network sockets are plugin cards for enterprise-class Cisco routers. Neat 🙂

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