EEVblog #340 – USB 3.0 Eye Diagram Measurement

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Using the Agilent 90000 series 13GHz oscilloscope and 12GHz differential probe to measure a USB 3.0 Super Speed signal.

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    • Adrien J

      That is indeed a sexy bit of kit.

      It’s running windows, so have you tried hooking a standard USB mouse up to it? I agree touchscreens aren’t worth the trouble.

    • Worf

      FYI Dave – the unboxing was put on the altzone channel, so if you stuck only with the EEVblog, you wouldn’t have seen it. (Or why I hate when you spread content over there that’s even partially related…).

      I only know because it was posted prior to your “check out the altzone” video.

    • suominona

      Heh, Dave, you should watch this or pretty much any other video where an oscilloscope gets significant screen time, and count how many HUNDREDS of times you idly flick the timebase or volts/div settings back and forth while you’re talking. And you always end up back where you started, too. Gets annoying after a while 😛

      • EEVblog

        Yep, it’s a habit.