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    • Tantra Spark

      There must have been some sharp intakes of breath when the Agilent chaps read the title of this video…

      Are they still your new best friends?

    • Manuel

      No problem with Agilent.

      We have a “new” Agilent MSO9046, well.. not new, second hand, but it works very well. It is at the electronics lab of the University and when the Agilent Engineer come to the University to check the work we done at University I tell him that you take apart the DSO2000X.

      Curiously, They appear interested at your blog… This is marketing from you.

      I tell my electronics students about your interesting blog. Thank You!
      Manuel from Spain..

      • Thanks for spreading the word Manuel.

    • Asm

      You know, I think the acquisition memory might be fairly commodity stuff – the magic is in the memory controller.

      Hynix has some 7 GHz (effective) GDDR5 chips with a 32-bit interface. If you interleave access and clocks to them (same way the ADCs are interleaved in cheap scopes), you should be able to get an effective 112 GHz rate (each channel has 16 devices), for an effective bandwidth of 448 gigabytes per second. Per channel, of course. I’m sure you could also do this in a massive great serdes module too; thankfully I’ve never had to deal with such things.

      Oh, and the chips look like they have the Micron logo on them.

      Commodity hardware these days have pretty impressive performance numbers – take the nVidia Geforce GTX 680 card, which has an internal memory bandwidth of 192 GB/s for all of its 2 GB of memory.

      • Yeah, the magic is all in the custom memory controller chip (codenamed “Hedwig” it seems).
        It would be tricky stuff.


    • TERRA operative

      Cooler Master HSF, standard looking motherboard, DDR RAM.

      Time to upgrade that baby to watercooling, stick in a couple gig of RAM and overclock! 🙂

    • Graham

      Like watching porn through a key hole.

    • Chrs

      Yuck! BNC connectors (albeit gold plated ones) for 13 GHz. Agilent should have done better. I find it funny that internally they use SMA, however.

      • They are BNC compatible, but are not ordinary BNC. They use exotic material and construction to get the 13GHz performance.

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