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Dave will have his own stand at the 2012 Electronex show 12-13th Sept.

Hopefully I’ll have some freebies to give away over the two days.
The password will be “Great Scott”, say that and you’ll score a freebie!
Also, follow me on Twitter to get random prize announcements during the show.

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    • Goophy629

      Hi Dave, this will be definitely a fabulous event! Well, I’m not really a electronic engineer but wondering what you’d stream on those two days, got to set my alarm for the show time. Maybe some general electronic stuff to tear down, or some sort of orientational information about electronics(tendency) these years?

      • I’ll stream if I’m able to. Depends on the internet connection.

    • Duck

      You need to hire some “booth babes” to ride around the show on some “Segways” with the EEVBlog logo plastered on them. You will also need an ample supply of personalized pens and maybe some yo-yo’s, and USB sticks. At least that’s how the big companies do it…Right? P.S let me know if you need help auditioning the booth babes.

    • Thank’s for your information. It’s really nice and informative.

    • John Dowdell

      I’ll be attending along with some of my colleagues if we can tear ourselves away. The boss is happy for me to do a course. Not sure which one to do yet. Better choose soon. I think I can only afford time for one day. The last time it was on in Sydney I liked wandering around chatting to vendors and catching up with people i knew that i ran in to but these all-day courses don’t seem to leave much time for it.

    • Fenclu


      What about if you put a web cam somewhere near your stand and did a live Ustream transmision? That would allow us to “be” on your stand from the other side of the world!

    • McPete

      We’ll be there- Three of us got the nod to go up for both days. Can’t wait!

      • Awesome, from interstate?
        Go for one day and take the other off ;->

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