• EEVblog #348 – Electronex 2012 – Behind the Scenes

    Come behind the scenes with Dave at the 2012 Electronex Show, and see what goes into setting up one of these electronics trade shows.

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      • Worf

        Teardown Tuesday – a trade show booth ?

      • Worf

        Yowch – shaky cam and low framerate…

      • Wartex

        You can only get them (rulers) if you come to the show!!! Yeeey! Fuck all the international viewers and contributors! yeeeey!

      • Goophy629

        Ah…ouch..shaky video..big dizzy here..

        Thanks for sharing the walk-through video anyway, nice~

      • Parker

        Hi Dave, I just bought Hakko FX-888 after seeing your videos, and then found Hakko is coming out with a digital version “HAKKO FX-888D”, but I didn’t see it there in the show, at least what is set up so far which your camera picked up. They only show the old analog FX-888 on the bench there. Can you inquire about the new unit when you do your round about? Thanks.


      • Nils

        Love your vids, but I couldn’t get through this one. Dizzy is an understatement for me. I mean this in the most constructive and caring way, but consider building a steadicam mount for your walking tours of things. Have a great time tomorrow (I guess for you right now, actually).

        • Steve

          Yeah, and I mean this in the nicest way too, but this one almost made me vomit. I’ve done some reseach on this in the past as I’ve experience it witha video game before. It turns out that it’s because we don’t have a fixed point of reference in the video. If we saw Dave in the video while he was bobing with the camera, all would be fine. In the case of a video game, we get the same sickness if we have a first person view where there is no gun, for example. My little trick to overcome the sickness and watch the video was to put a fixed object in front of my monitor inline with the screen. I know, strange but it works.

        • Sorry it makes you dizzy, but I think it’s not that bad, I had optical stabilisation turned on. Very few people complain about it. Most of those cheap DIY steadycams are not that much of an improvement in real world walking around. You usually have to spend decent money to get something that works well enough for people such as yourself who get dizzy or suffer from motion sickness etc watching such moving videos. I do so few walking videos, and get so few complaints, a good steadycam is hard to justify.

      • Jay Ts

        Please go to the Altium booth and ask them why theirs is smaller than yours. I want to see that.

        • snoopy

          Because everyone in Australia is still using Protel99SE 😉

      • Ralle

        Great location, it’s a real “steampunk” atmosphere in there.
        Have a great time there and of course we are expecting further footage from the show 🙂

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