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EEVblog #972 – Operating Chips Outside Their Spec

Dave tests the AD8436 True RMS converter chips inside the 121GW multimeter to see if ...

  • William Andrew

    How embarrassing!

    • How is that?!

      • William Andrew

        I’m the guy at 21:00.

        • Thanks for nerding out on camera!

  • I guess it was a great experience. Good for you Dave!

  • Regarding the “mystery sensor” at the end of the video: is it a liquid flow velocity/pressure sensor?

  • Worf

    Hrm… someone should mention that the Palm T|X with that spectrum analyzer hasn’t been made in what, 4 years or so? Wonder where they’re getting their stock from

  • snoopy

    Good show. Lots more space than the Melbourne show but where is everyone ??

    • It was shot late on the last day, so not as many people around.

  • Are you sure about the flow sensor. I believe it is an ultrasonic non-destructive testing sensor. We use similar items like that at work. Three sensors could inject different frequencies for inspecting various flaws in a rod. They can also be at slightly different angles to induce either compression, shear, or creeping waves into the rod. That was my opinion about the sensors. If you are sure they are flow sensors then that settles it. Just what I initially thought.