• EEVblog #369 – Rigol DS2000 Oscilloscope Playing Around

    Updating the firmware on the Rigol DS2000 series oscilloscope, playing around with the waveform capture/recall feature, and ranting about a few things.
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      • huh

        Very effective mic compression and limiting. A bit poor in the lower spectrum though, probably by design. Sounds like the famous SSL talkback listen mic compressor:)

        • Yes, incredibly effective. But sounds “wrong”.

          • huh

            If it allows disabling any automatic level correction you could use a better mic and an external equalizer+multiband compressor limiter (different compression/limiting ratios at different frequencies) but that would be a bit overkill, IMO.

            • huh

              …but even a Dalek sounding voice wouldn’t keep me from enjoying your blog, so I’m a bit biased:)

      • Wow! 1/100 of an atto second resolution! A counter that is being clocked at that frequency
        (1E20 Hz, or 100 EHz–that is exa Hertz) is being clocked by gamma rays, which start at 3E19 Hz.

        • Rigol sure have some advanced technology! :->

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