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  • bruno


    At the very beginning, what is that little cal box at the top left (and again at ~7m45s)? Which video is it in/what tutorial?


  • KT


    Teardown videos like this one are some of your best.

    Myself and I am sure a lot of other people like us look forward to Tuesday every week.

    Do not worry about, “going to long” on these.

    Looking back on older electronics is great.

    Looking forward you tearing down the rest of the camcorder.


    • KT

      oops, wrong link, sorry.

      for the camcorder teardown.

  • Wartex

    Annnd here we go again. What you did is called “calibration VERIFICATION” or just “verification”. Checking a tester against a standard and writing down deviations on a piece of paper is NOT calibration. Stop constantly misinforming people.

    • I stated it was NOT proper “calibration”, nor a tutorial on calibration. It is also known as a “calibration check”, “transfer check”, and probably a few other terms too.

  • henry

    Hello Dave,

    In relation to voltage and current and resistance “standards”, what do you think of this product?.


    P.S: I am not related in any way to the product designers or vendors….

  • Great Tutorial!!
    But it does not go to 11! 😉


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