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    • rob

      I still love my etrex yelow. I too built a DIY connector for it — similar to this one http://www.nomad.ee/micros/etrex.shtml

    • Filip

      Whatch out for a cosm trolling the net..
      Cosm is a trademark of some dude that has nothing to do with the pachube, or cosm.com…. The trademark holder is quite anoying when cosm is used in the pachube reffrence

    • Jan

      That fire extinguisher stamp says: “Week of fire-risk awareness” or “Fire preparedness” – basically a week dedicated to raising awareness to fire risks and fire prevention.

    • Worf

      I used pfranc way back when they were making connectors for the older GPS units Garmin made (the round 4-pin serial ports). Heck, I remember I think they just came out with them – had all sorts of nice pictures of their custom-designed injection molds and such for it.

      The eTrex is a much newer GPS unit and in-between, they actually made serial to USB cables under the same scheme.

      And it all started because the guy wanted a cable to attach his GPS12 to his PC. Of course, this was long before 3D printers were common and easily available (late 90s), but he had access to an injection molding machine.

    • JRR

      I upgraded from an eTrex yellow to that very Legend model myself about 6 or 8 years ago. I still use it for geocaching, it’s great for that.

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