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    • Nicholas Vinen

      I notice he used some cheap and nasty test leads there. That’s a good thing since the intermittent short ciruit test was not kind to them!

    • DaveT

      Sacrificial leads though, i doubt as a calibration company they would use expensive leads to do the “arc-welder” test

    • http://www.triosmartcal.com.au TRIO Smartcal

      Don’t worry, those leads were not sales-stock or lab-grade items!! The alligator clip was black by the time we finished and the DMM probe lead was quite pitted.

    • David

      The fan seems to be microcontroller controlled only by measured current and voltage and not via actual tempurature measurment. So it is turning off too fast after loads are removed. Unless the fan is controlled by actually measuring the temperature The fan should run for awhile after the load is removed to protect the components.

      • http://www.triosmartcal.com.au TRIO Smartcal

        It is micro-controlled. Also there is a thermistor on the heatsink. I reckon there is a thermal shut-down but we never got it to go there during testing.

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